Lend us your windows, walls and floors.
Let us perform, create and explore.

Past Exhibitions


Hanging Art is to foster growth for emerging, outsider and establish artists exhibiting work in the Metropolitan area of New York City.

We have worked with representing over 400 artists since our formation in 2004 by our founder Bernard Stote.

Exhibitions have included artists from the United States, Canada, Cuba, Mexico, Peru, England, France, Spain, Italy, Israel and parts of Africa.

We have worked with Non-profits from New York City, Los Angeles and Washington DC. Including special projects of refuges from Zimbabwe and artists with intellectual disabilities and mental illness.

We are always interested in new artists, curators and volunteers in joining us. Help expand our reach out and growth of exhibitions in the United States and abroad.

Support our mission, "Lend us your windows, walls and floors. Help us perform, create and explore."