Andy Williams

Andy Williams - Photographer, Consulting Forensic Scientist, Competitive BBQ Team Captain. Andy resides in Parkend, Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire, United Kingdom.

A scientists and change manager by profession, photography is Andy's creative outlet. Building on a long family history - his father and grandfather were both keen photographers and helped teach Andy his craft - he now spends his time trying to capture that moment in time that makes a good photograph great!

Andy caught the photography bug at an early age when his dad bought him his first proper camera, a K100 with which he learned about composition and exposure. A darkroom in the cellar of the army house where the family lived in Germany helped him learn the halide way,"the thrill of watching the images come to life that today's digital age just doesn't deliver."

More recently, Andy has had an opportunity to push his photography forward by capturing the beauty of landscapes and the power of weather, learning to shape, carve and mold the light and texture that the power of photography can bring.

"Storm chasing" We don't really have big weather events in England - plenty of rain for sure but not much in the way of predictable, chasable weather events that are awe inspiring to watch and feel. I had always been fascinated by the big storms you get in the States and it was a chance to see a part of America tourists overlook.

It is something everyone should try. To stand close to nature unleashing fury and feel the power is something you can't really photograph or describe. Addictive though!"

Work is viewable online at: and

Andy exhibited in STORM WATCH - A Photographic Journal of Tornado Alley

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