Marco Art

Marco (MarcoArt) Is a full service high end POP Art studio helmed by the Legendary POP Artist Marco. The Marcoart Mobile is always on the move providing: murals, POP portraits, tribute pieces, children's parties, charity for the people! Marco has been commissioned and has co-branded with some of the biggest names in the world of film, television, music, entertainment, politics and business, including Quentin Tarantino, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Moby, Marc Ecko, and Russell Simmons, his originals sell internationally for thousands of dollars. Marco publishes children’s books, licenses products, is working on an animated children’s cartoon, a TV show, an illustrated novel & has donated his artwork to the philanthropic gala fund-raisers of thousands of charitable organizations. This is just a sample of what Marcoart is all about to learn more about the Andy Warhol/Keith Haring of his generation please click on the links below or visit

Marco exhibited in FIRST CONTACT - UFO's, Aliens and Broadway

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