Mark J Dempsey

A resident of New York City, he recently earned a BA in Environmental Science with a minor in Geology from Hunter College in June of 2010. “My interest in severe weather has been life long. In 2008, I decided to storm chase with Tempest Tours. My undergrad final project was a scholarly paper on the visual confirmation of fluid flow in a tornadic supercell.” Presently his graduate work at Hunter College is concerned with researching and developing an algorithm, which uses the continuous data of wind profilers from the Great Plains to define the planetary boundary layer. He is a Trained Storm Spotter with the National Weather Service, and a member of the, The Geological Society of America. Honors include being the 2010 recipient of the Cohen award at Hunter College. Mark’s maps, photographs and chase accounts can be seen on his website:

Mark exhibited in Storm Watch - A Photographic Journal of Tornado Alley

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