Nancy Weezy Forman

Nancy Weezy Forman Finding vintage trucks is a treasure hunt. Traveling off-road is the first step, and having the right vechicle helps. When we finally spot them, they usually are located behind a fence, sometimes barb wire, in a field of weeds, rocks and mud. Sometimes we have to drive or walk on private properties and make friends with the owners and their dogs. Every so often we get weird looks from neighbors trying to understand why we are taking pictures of the old truck that they have been looking at for years. In their heyday, the trucks, were often integral tools in the development and servicing of the region. The classic shapes of the multicolored rusted iron represent a bygone era. Giving them names adds to the personality and brings them back to life.The images are more than just a Truck, they appeal to you nostalgically, artistally & automotively!.

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